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This site has been designed to  inform students and parents about Mr. Welch's music classes.  It contains helpful information about classroom activities,strategies, student performances, music technology freeware and most important, dates and celebrations.  The best way to contact Mr. Welch is through  school e-mail.



Ramsey band kids going the extra mile!!

Congratulations! to the following students for making the 2018-19 Jefferson County All-County Band.

 2018  7th Grade All County Band 

Kayla Frank - flute

Matthew Wilson - Flute

Mary Jane Montague - Clarinet

Noah Johnston -Trumpet

Samantha Collins - Trombone

Elijah Peak - Baritone

Alex Wilson -Tuba 


2018 8th Grade All-County Band

Mikayla Osborne - Clarinet

Quelcy Hardgrove - Clarinet

Lance Bridge - Clarinet

Danny Potts - Trumpet

Ethan Ward - 1st chair French Horn

Alvaro Avellano - Trombone


Zach Streagle - 1st Chair Baritone


 Band Dates  2018- 2019



11- First Ramsey Jazz (pep band) practice 2:30 – 4:00  (7th and 8th grade)

18 - 7th & 8th Grade All-County Band Auditions JCTMS 4-7

Band Fall Concert 6th (grade discovery night)  ??? at 6:30pm

26 - Halloween/ Fall Dance – Band sponsored!!



8- All-County 7th & 8th grade Band Rehearsal JCTMS 6-8 pm  ( 1418 Morton Ave, Louisville, KY, 40204) JCTMS

13 – 5TH Grade Discovery Night – 6:30 pm 8th Grade Ramsey  Band performs Thriller

15- 6 – 8pm All-County rehearsal  JCTMS


19 - All-Co. 7th & 8th Band all Day rehearsal 8:30 am -3:00 pm JCTMS

  (Concert at Male 7pm)  Call time for students - 6:30 pm.

- KMEA Assessment Registration Forms DUE to State Office (Large Ensemble and S & E)

Veterans Day Performance? (Choir, Band, Orchestra)



19 - 6:30 -7:30 pm Band Concert

20 - 7:30 am Student Holiday Concert



23 - Band -  KMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival at  Atherton HS


7- 6th Grade All-County Band Audition night ( 4:00 - 7:00 pm)

19, 20, 21 (1 of these days TBA) Band Performance Field Trip - (during school)  District 12 M.S. KMEA Performance Assessment-at Atherton HS

 Art Showcase 



9 -   6th grade All-County Band Rehearsal 6-8 pm Newburg Middle

11 - 5th & 6th All-County Band Concert ( Male H.S. 7-8 p.m.)

11 - 6th grade Band All Day rehearsal at Male H.S. 8:30 am - 3:00 pm



7 - Band - Spring Concert  6:30 p.m.

Band – 6th, 7th, & 8th  grade Spring trip - TBA Holiday World

Band - Spring trip Lexington UK Music Festival 

 On Saturday 2/25/2017 the following  7th & 8th grade band students were awarded 53 Distinguished ratings and 8 proficient ratings at the KMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival held this past Saturday at Atherton H.S.  They prepared months in advance on either a solo, duet, trio or sextet and had to perform it in front of a judge.  These students will be awarded a medal for their accomplishment at the spring awards ceremony.



Jasmine Christopher - solo

Nick McGarry - solo

Aaron Moeller - solo

Emily Chagala - Solo -7th

jaidyn Kendrick - solo

Kevin Berkley - solo -7th

Medley Staley - solo

Will Wait - Solo -7th

Kevin Berkley - solo -7th

Medley Staley - solo 

El Stephens - Solo

Austin McGarry -Solo

Austin McGarry,Gabe Gibson -Duet

Haven Weathers, Neria Ndaikeza -Duet

Logan Barnsfather, Alex Martin, Austin McGarry

Sophia Benavides, Haven Weathers

Jasmine Christopher, Kyle Warrell

Devin McGarry, Austin McGarry, Nick McGarry

Makayla Dalton, Emily Chagala -7th

Haley Potts, Sarah Duffy, Alexis Wyatt

Jonah Maliwat, Haley Comstock -7th

Devin McGarry Alex Lyles, Nck McGarry

Raenika Burchett, Shatrice Johnson

Jaidyn Kendrick, Madison Lockhard

Haley Comstock, Lindsay Chea, Jonah Maliwat

Will Waite, Jonathan Duvall -7th

Seven Martin, Grayson Bennet, Alex Martin -

Shelby Barnett, Logan Malone, Cam McGown -7th

Dylan Bolam, Noah Maurean -7th



Eli Campeau - Solo -7th

Aaron Moeller -Solo

Lindsey Chea, Will Foreman, Connor Boam,  Aidan Eldridge - 7th

Aaron Moeller, Alyssa Spears




We would like to recognize the following Ramsey Band Students for making the 2016-17 Jefferson County All-County Band.  

7th Grade All-County Band                 8th Grade All-County Band

Shelby Barnett -Baritone

Hailey Comstock- Clarinet                   Arron Moeller - Percussion

Jonah Maliwat - Clarinet     El Stephens - Baritione

Emily Chagala - Flute      Devin McGarry - Trumpet

Kevin Berkley - Tenor Sax             Nicholas McGarry - Trumpet

Will Waite - Trumpet      Austin McGarry - Tuba


Congratulations! Ramsey Band Students - 2016


8th GRADE -22 Distinguished performances /2 proficient
Anetta Kendall - Distinguished Rating -Solo
Megan Harrington - Distinguished Rating -Solo
Miles Bickers -Distinguished Rating -Solo
Medley Staley -Distinguished Rating - Solo
Miles Bickers, Anetta Kendall - Distinguished Rating -duet
Willa Campeau, Jenna Fisher - Distinguished Rating-duet
Willa Campeau - Proficient rating -solo
Alex Tomb and Sebastian Butler - Distinguished
Megan Harrington, Kylie Rogers - Distinguished
Linzee Crumb and Sydney Rose - Distinguished
Juliette Gagliardi, Keller Oroaz, Tanner Stamper - Distinguished
Jenya Martin, Kenny Rose - Distinguished
Taylor Pimpleton, Kristen Bloat -Distinguished
Juliette Gagliardi, Tanner Stamper - Distinguished
David Cortie and Taylor Pimpleton -Distinguished

7th Grade  23 Distinguished Performances/ 2Proficient Performances
Aaron Moeller - Distinguished Solo
Jasmine Christopher -Distinguished Solo
Jaidyn Kendrick - Distinguished Solo
El Stephens - Distinguished solo
Medley Staley -Distinguished solo
Alyssa Spears - Proficient solo
Medley Staley, Megan Harrington- proficient
Austin McGarry -Distinguished solo
Jasmine Christopher, Holly Kirker, Kyle Warrell - Distinguished
Nick McGarry, Alex Lyles, Devin McGarry - Distinguished
Nick McGarry -Proficient Solo
Jadyn Kendrick, Madison Lockard - Distinguished
Sarah Duffy, Haley Potts, Alexis Wyatt -Distinguished
Sophia Benavidez, Jayla Grigsby - Proficiency
Austin McGarry, Nick McGarry, Devin McGarry - Distinguished
Fridays, Music checks and quizzes, Tues - Thursdays. 


























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